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Our kids Martial Arts classes will promote self-confidence and leadership as well a firm grasp on self-defense and identifying potential dangerous situations.

In this class, adults will learn the fundamentals of self-defense, as well as martial arts stances, blocks, kicks and strikes, and more



Martial Arts classes help children become confident, raise self-esteem, and instill a positive self image.


The self-defense and safety skills children learn from Martial Arts will prepare them for everything from bullying to peer pressure.


Martial Arts teaches structure, discipline, and focus, which can help children achieve higher grades in school.


Our fun and energetic atmosphere helps children develop an outgoing attitude and form new friendships.

Happy Members

Here are some words from our clients
  • Amazing palace trainers are nice and friendly my son went yesterday for the first time and loved it we are definitely. Going to come back next week

    Jenny Parizoski

  • I enrolled my son 4 years ago when he was 6. He's gone from a shy little boy to a confident, outgoing, athletic young man in that time. I'm extremely happy with the Dojo, Sensei, and all the teachers who've had a positive impact on my son Malachai and our family! Special thanks to Eric and Robert for their patience and encouragement through the years.

    Johnny Martin

  • We had my son's 8th birthday party here today and I was impressed with everything! The facilities were clean and safe, the staff was extremely helpful (they even hung my decorations & made signs with my son's name!), and they provided anything you'd need for a party. The best part was they were great with the children and really kept them moving. Even without any karate experience, my son had a great party and felt very special! Thanks Karate Life Studios!

    Kelly Nafts Monroe

  • What an exceptional dojo – the trainers are great, the atmosphere is awesome. I can't ask for anything better.

    Nick Bruhy

  • The best! My kids love taking lessons here. The instructors and staff are fantastic!

    Ronald Krob

  • One of the best decisions I've made was to join this dojo. It has a relaxed, yet disciplined atmosphere. The teachers and students alike made me welcome in class. I've been training for nearly 2 years and will continue to do so.

    Virginia Cuadra