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Kids Birthday Parties St. Louis, MO

Welcome to the Martial Arts and Get Ready to Change Your Life, Body, Mind and Spirit, at Karate Life Studios of St. Louis

You'll discover that we provide unsurpassed martial arts instruction with uncompromising professionalism, in an exceptionally comfortable environment.

We specifically designed our facilities to render an efficient, motivational learning experience for our treasured clientele. In addition to our commitment to excellent martial arts education, we throw in a LOT OF FUN! It's always a great feeling to get great feedback from our students. We get that a lot!

You'll Get Self-Defense Techniques, World Class Martial Arts, & Physical Fitness

Our program at Karate Life Studios of St. Louis is ideal for adults and children of either gender, all ages, and every level of expertise. Our classes are designed to fit everybody's comfort level.

Every one of our classes contains:


Achieve Black-Belt Status the Correct Way, From the Inside Out!

The realities of Martial Arts is that it requires inner strength of character, values, and spirit before the outer person is ready to wear a black-belt. We unequivocally commit ourselves to preparing each student from the inside out to ensure that they recognize the importance of respecting the belt, themselves, and others. By the time they have achieved the knowledge and expertise to acquire a black-belt, they have achieved physical, mental, and emotional strength.

Here at Karate Life Studios of St. Louis, we have created our schedule to fit yours. Many options allow for you to fit us in when you can. We like it that way! In addition to our regular classes, we also feature Bully Proof Seminars and self-defense classes for your young one who needs to build up his or her confidence and defense skills. We have other awesome classes and workshops as well!

Students LOVE Our Remarkable Staff!

Our highly professional, friendly, fun staff here at Karate Life Studios of St. Louis, has been specifically selected for their people-expertise as much as for their martial arts expertise. They LOVE their work and enjoy imparting crucial values like respect, self-control, patience, courtesy, and integrity upon our students. Our amazing students are always telling us how much their self-esteem, self-discipline, spirit of commitment in class here, in school, at work, and in their personal lives, have improved as a result of our staff's training and examples.

Call us now!

Whether your goal is to improve your physique, learn self-defense techniques, or to wear the honored Black-Belt, Karate Life Studios of St. Louis is HERE FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY!

Become another one of our success stories and your own success story!

Give us a call now at 314-352-6166 ext. 1 to learn more!!